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Lifecycle magazine is a publication dedicated to the reimagining and revival of insurance in an ever changing marketplace. Based in Hong Kong, we focus on the evolution of every stage of the customer lifecycle, and celebrate the leaders in our industry making insurance better, both for insurers and for the customers we serve.
Why Lifecycle?

Lifecycle magazine brings together the best of industry thought leadership, innovation, and industry insights to bring you a snapshot of the Hong Kong life insurance sector today. Lifecycle is the magazine for insurance executives, insurtech businesses and those looking to keep their finger on the pulse. We break new ground by bringing insights from the best insurance visionaries across Hong Kong to a single place. By offering unique perspectives, insights and developments this publication is at the forefront of changes and innovations in the insurance industry. 

Who are we?

Lifecycle magazine was formed to provide insight into the ongoing evolution of the insurance industry in Hong Kong and the wider Asia-Pacific region. Ranging from insurtech startups, actuaries, consultants and insurance companies, our contributors bring a diversity of experience and insights.

This publication is created and managed by Montoux. Other content channels we produce include the Insurtech Channel, YouTube series The Good Life, and a wide variety of events across Asia, Australasia and North America.

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